Massaging Chair Topper 10-Motor with Heat


Product Features: Massaging Chair Topper 10-Motor with Heat

This massive lounge pad has Ten motors along with five independently controlled
areas, so
it is possible to massage your physique or location massage your current neck,
spine, midback,
lumbar as well as thighs
Employ this topper in your lounge easy chair or put it toned on your chair
Easy-to-use handheld control lets you pick massage area, type of therapeutic
and the degree of intensity

Product Details: Massaging Chair Topper 10-Motor with Heat

Shipping Fat: 22.Two pounds (Watch shipping prices and plans)
UPC: 400005781957
Amazon Biggest sellers Rank: #36,840 inside Health & Personalized Care

Product Description: Massaging Chair Topper 10-Motor with Heat

Massaging Chair Topper 10-Motor with Heat. Each of our 10-motor massaging living
room topper
will give you a full-body, warmed up massage–and transforms any kind of lounger
right into a massage
seat. Extra large safety net has 5 separately manipulated zones for the relaxing
full or location massage. This even enables you to add high temperature to your
therapeutic massage. Order
your own today. Fantastic stress-reliever for office or home. A heated up
massage will help
relieve anxiety, soothe sore muscles along with revive a person in the middle of
an active
day. Our own 10-motor massage cover is transportable. Use it in almost any room
of your property,
or carry it to the office. This specific advanced rubbing down chair pad has
Your five powerful
therapeutic massage zones that can relax your entire body or allow you to focus
on a unique
area like your neck of the guitar, upper back, midback, lower back or upper
thighs. Adding warmth to
your current massage (with only the push of a button) aids your body loosen up
even more, making it sensitive to the important things about each rub. This
rubbing topper is actually 67″ long, which makes it perfect for utilization in
any couch or about any
lounger. Available limited to Brookstone, this 10-Motor Kneading Lounge Pad is
effortless, affordable strategy to enjoy a calming massage in your home–any
you’re in the feeling. Order these days. Important: Anybody who could possibly
be pregnant,
features a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes mellitus, phlebitis, and/or
thrombosis, or is with
an increased likelihood of developing thrombus due to the latest surgery, or
even who has
pins/screws as well as anything hardware in their hip and legs, ankles, as well
as feet must consult
having a physician ahead of using a rubbing down device made for home use.

Customer Reviews: Massaging Chair Topper 10-Motor with Heat

By simply rblk “rblk”

the product will still only work for 20 mins before the idea starts to high
temperature and burn the
memory foam inside you should time it

Through W. Deborah ONEIL “Will O’Neil”

I’ve utilized a variety of related toppers for a long time and find these people
relaxing — not necessarily
deep rub but beneficial to relaxation. This place is pretty properly designed
and functions
well — in the event it works. However have had about three fail in under a
year. Inside each
situation it seems obvious that it would be a burnt-out resistor in the control,
a 5-cent
portion that the Chinese language manufacturer possibly bought from their
crooked nephew. I’m
sure Brookstone is getting quite tired of changing them, as well as perhaps
someday they’re going to get exhausted enough in order to exercise a few quality
control (or perhaps buy from
somewhere that does not are experts in junk along with ripping off of the
customer). Regarding
my portion, I covered the two-year alternative policy, and also plan to acquire
my a pair of
years regardless how many Brookstone has got to send myself.

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